Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY: May Day & Mother's Day Vases

With May Day, Mother's Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week approaching, the kids & I created home made tissue paper vases as unique & utilitarian presents. It is quick & easy & just about any age can participate! All you need is: 1. Jars 2. Modge Podge 3. Tissue paper
Have the kids cut or tear the tissue paper into any size they want (go crazy!). While they are at work doing that, you do a quick layer of modge podge on the recycled jar & they start sticking the tissue to the jar. Layer the colors & see what happens if you like! Or, as my son did, leave a "window area" on the jar so you can peek inside to see the stems! After the entire jar is covered with tissue paper, you paint on another layer of modge podge. Now, mind you when it is wet it is opaque white, but when it dries, ta-da!!! A beautiful & colorful vase! You can also use them as pencil holders, paintbrush holders, marble jars, etc... etc... the skies the limit!
Fill the vases with fresh flowers from your yard (even dandelions are cute)
And the people who receive these beautiful hand made gifts will be so happy!
{The girls wanted me to attach these photos of themselves & many other crazy pics to their vases for their teachers... OH, how i wish their teachers saw this side of them!} P.S. Don't forget: FREE shipping in any purchase in the shop now till May 4! Enter the coupon code SHIP2ME in the ETSY checkout! Grace & Peace, Julie


Jane Hsu said...

Super duper adorable!!!

Sharon huber said...

Saw your jar photo in the Vintage Style magazine such a cute idea. Also very easy.