Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm sick of it!

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Yesterday during Bible study, as a sweet friend was sharing her struggles & how she perceives herself {all mamas, you will relate to this: I'm not good enough, I never do enough, I wish I were better, I don't know why I yell, why can't I just change?} something inside of me just snapped. Week after week we beat ourselves up & I'm sick of it! I'm sick of the lies Satan feeds us that we are not good enough, that we cannot change.

That is NOT truth!

Jesus has paid the price. He has redeemed us. He is FAITHFUL to complete the work He began in us! {I could go on & on}

And, once again, I think of that awesome Dove commercial about how we women perceive ourselves & our own {lack of} beauty. For you see, I do NOT perceive my friend the way she does. Granted, I do not live with her so I have no idea what a crazy person she might be, but what I see is commitment, a tender heart, teachable spirit, and deep love for her family.

I created the above art for several reasons: 
1. to commit it to my memory that as the lies come into my own head I would fight the fight with TRUTH, knowing the negative thoughts are not from the Lord.

2. That I would curb the negative thoughts I have about others {if it is not profitable, admirable, excellent or pure why waste my time thinking about it?}

3. For all you men out there {or women} who struggle with lust, that this would encourage you to keep your thoughts pure.

Thanks for listening. May we have victory in our thought life & truly walk in grace.

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Grace & Peace,

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Erin Butson said...

So true!!!! I love this, Julie!