Monday, February 21, 2011

NEW! 4 new lovely lockets now available

i am so happy to announce 4 NEW lovely lockets in the shop!

{the nest}
just in time for spring!
or for you mommies who count your blessings with a full nest.

{abundant life tree}
may you have abundant life,
as symbolized in this beautiful, strong tree.

as we are all in the process of growing & reaching out somehow
(and for anyone who really knows me,
i LOVE branches, twigs, trees, leaves...)

{sisters or daughters}
for all of you out there who have 2 lovely little girls (like moi!)
a dear sister whom you hold close to your heart
or a best friend, who is like your sister

this is also perfect for mother's day coming up this spring!
love the vintage look of this

here are the other styles already available in my shop
or at the jeweler's shop:

{if they are out of stock in my shop, feel free to buy from lori's!}

OH! and i must mention that they open to frame 2 small images
to wear close to your heart.
i have the 5 of us on 1 side & the 3 kids on the other.

all of these lockets have been created
from my 8x10 Scripture or Inspirational prints in the shop.

cannot wait to share the COLORS of spring & summer.

grace & peace,

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