Saturday, February 12, 2011

winter maternity shoot

last weekend, i photographed my first official maternity shoot OUTDOORS
here in the chicagoland area!

it was so fun for a number of reasons....

the couple are friends of ours from church. the youth pastor & his wife.

they are GREAT. totally in love.

they were troopers for many reasons,
one of which is it was about 23 degrees out.

but, it was totally appropriate for us to be outdoors
as the mommy-to-be is a forest ranger.

we did the shoot at the danada house property
in wheaton, illinois.

the other reason is that the daddy-to-be
was just in a major sledding catastrophe at
winter camp in which he BROKE 2 of his vertebrate.

{he took his brace off for the shoot,
which made me soooo nervous
& DON'T TELL his mom!}

it is truly a miracle that he is:
a. alive
b. not paralyzed & should fully heal just fine!

so, if you think of it, pray for a quick recovery
as baby is due in about 3 weeks.

congrats you 2 & thanks for letting me create some memories for you!

grace & peace,

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pfd said...

Beautiful! I'm a grandma now but I always remember how much I loved being pregnant!