Friday, February 11, 2011

in complete AWE of GOD & my favorite little mister

{my favorite little mister
at "our tree" in the morton arboretum}

ever since his birth, i have pretty much been in awe of my favorite little mister & how God has created him. he is the most tender-hearted boy i have ever met. insightful, sensitive, wise beyond his years, kind, servant-hearted, creative, smart, and compassionate. all of these qualities make him a great big brother to 2 little sisters.

i have been in awe of seeing God growing his faith & love, and this week, i was simply put over the edge with wonder at what is going on in his little heart.

{my favorite little mister's reflection on what love is}

today at school, they had an ALL SCHOOL assembly. the second graders had to get up and read a portion to THE ENTIRE SCHOOL on what they thought love is.

he read the above statement:
"love is how Jesus was crucified for our sins"



OK, first of all, i would NEVER have even spoken in front of my school as a second grader (even if they tried to make me talk), much less witness to them about my Lord & Savior!

(& btw, he goes to a public school :)

{this was written on the front of one of his tests lately}

you can read my "behind the scenes" creation of john 3:16 here

{this was an answer to one of his
social studies questions about

"writing a story about someone who has a service job"}

just in case you cannot read his handwriting (which is VERY possible):

"my mom is a photographer. one time she took me to starve rock! I got to see eagles! After, she does a verse from the bible. like when she took a picture of me holding blueberries she did Galations 5:22-23. I've already memorized it!
But the fruit of the spirit is: love, joy, peace, paitents, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self controll. against such things there is no law."

{you can read my "behind the scenes" of isaiah 40 here}

{you can read my "behind the scenes" of psalm 34 here}

(i actually did not use his hands for the fruit of the Spirit,
as you can see!)

{you can read more about the
fruit of the Spirit art here & here}

all this to say, my favorite little mister: God has big plans for your life. keep your tender heart & deep yet simple faith always. be bold, brave & courageous in all you do. keep true to who you are.

God: thank You for allowing me to be a part of this awesome life. thank You for making me his mommy. help me to guide him, love him, and nurture him for whatever you have in store for his life.

i think i shall now go check on him sleeping...

grace & peace,


Lisa Patterson said...

absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Juls. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing in and through your sweet son! It was so good to see you the other night. Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

These are the things that make our "momma hearts" come close to exploding! What a precious testimony he has already! Good job, momma! Thank You, Faithful Father!