Sunday, May 15, 2011

2012 Seasons of Faith Calendar by Julie Chen

i am so thrilled to announce my 2012 calendar has recently arrived at my doorstep! it is a very handy-dandy utilitarian calendar in that at the bottom of each month's design there are 2 pockets in which you can store cards, receipts, tickets, invitations... you name it... any type of reminder you need is at your fingertips.

the calendar is produced by avalanche publishing who is the sister company of lang!

here is a month by month sampler of art:

i will have these for sale in the shop later in the year, but for now KELLY McC YOU will be getting one on tuesday as a special thanks for giving me the idea to create such a product. (she so sweetly last year said, "i would decorate with more of your art, but am out of wall space! can't you make a calendar?!" or something like that :)

grace & peace,


Trish D said...

Ooh, I *LOVE* this and will definitely be looking forward to it hanging on my wall next year - good to know that one new year's decision has already been made :)

kelly said...

Oh my goodness...I just read this!!! How wonderful, thank you! Beautiful work.... :)

Jane Hsu said...
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Jane Hsu said...

can't wait to get this :) i love your art work, since about 2 years ago! and i met your bro in law at IHOP KC this year. i always thought, from your name, that you're asian. hehe.

Sweet Apron said...

I am buying this, Julie!!

Lisa Velthouse said...

I am totally getting this. Love it, love it.
Lisa V/F