Thursday, May 5, 2011

some thoughts on mothering

{an authentic robin's nest taken after our visit to the farm
at my hubby's cousin's house;

mama bird decided to nest on their front porch!}

with mother's day soon approaching, i have been thinking about how i have personally changed as a mommy of three wonderful blessings. mothering has grown me in ways i did even know were possible. you see, though i always wanted to have children, i am not the "kid type"... well, more like not the "baby type". pass me your baby & he or she will surely be crying within minutes. that said, sam & i waited a bit to start our family & wow.... how God has blown me away at the pure joy of mothering.

it is an awesome blessing & responsibility to nurture my little ones into adults who will someday spread their own wings and fly out into the world. who knew my heart could love so much? so endlessly. so selflessly. so unconditionally. i try to with my hubby of course, but really, in a marriage relationship there is give & take. a thank you. a smile. a gesture of love given back.

but, a newborn?! they sleep. they poop. they cry. a lot.
and yet, the instant i met my miracles, my heart fell fully in love with them forever. not based on what they did or who they would become, but simply because they were MINE. flesh of my flesh.

and, that gave me just a glimpse and realization of how our Heavenly Father loves us. definitely NOT because of what we have "done", but simply because we are His. He is all-out-fully in love with us. we are His.

as a mom, i have grown:
more compassionate, more selfless, more aware of our world and it's needs, more playful again (woohoo! an excuse to jump through a sprinkler or fingerpaint), more discerning towards others, more loving, more generous, more concerned for others well-being (like the other mommy who may be having one of those days & i can just smile & say, "i've been there too... my child too threw a fit in the library while trying not to leave, so i had to carry her football style out with everyone watching."), and i am sure i have grown in other ways also.

what has most changed in you since entering the journey of motherhood?

{here is the day i was forever changed,
the day my favorite little mister was born}

{here is the day my heart expanded even MORE,
how could i love ANOTHER child so much?!
well, that love came so strong & i love sunshine girl so much}

{and, here is the third surprise blessing in my life,
pumpkin poos, i could not imagine life without you;
your smile, your spirit, your kisses & hugs
and look at what a great photographer daddy became!}

happy early mother's day to all you mommies out there! and to the grandmas who are STILL mommies :)

grace & peace,