Monday, May 9, 2011

mommy guilt

{my lovelies at the morton aroboretum}

i hope all of you mommies had a lovely mother's day! our day was great. earlier in the week pumpkin poos gave me a splendid paper crown & macaroni necklace (which i wore all day), my favorite little mister wrote me an acrostic poem and woke me up with origami flowers (which will never die) & my sunshine girl created a whole "MOM" book in kindergarten...

just what i needed from sunshine girl: a little dose of mommy guilt! if you cannot read the page, it says, "All day my mom works" & the drawing, well! it is EXACTLY what i look like!


i know it's perception & i do my best to work when they are fully occupied, but evidently that is not going as well as i had hoped, as this is what she thinks of me?!

i also created this custom art for a friend, whose hubby did great arranging for the gift & kiddos kept the secret from mommy! it was such a fun shoot, full of bribery & piggy toes. the poem was given to my friend from her grandmother & i am now thinking i will need to create one of these images for my own home too!

grace & peace,

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