Friday, January 13, 2012

blogworthy: photobomb chen style

This year my hubby & I have gotten a kick out of some "photo bomb" websites... not all are appropriate, but many are very funny. A photobomber is someone who jumps into your picture to essentially ruin it. They are especially funny {I think} in wedding photos.

OK, anyways, it is my goal this weekend to edit through the 1,000 + family photos on my hard drive & get them organized & order prints for the kids' albums. As I have been reliving our 2011 photos, I came across the above 3 which make me laugh. Maybe it's just because it's my own kiddos, or the fact that we've shown some photobombs to them which evidently inspired them, but in any case, I for one have gotten a good laugh today.

Enjoy the Chen style photobombs.

Grace & Peace,


Sweet Apron said...

The older little lady does not look amused in the 2nd picture!! :)

By the way, your previous blog post inspired me & I started my grateful journal yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I never heard of the term photo bomb. Hilarious. Love these.