Monday, January 9, 2012

Jesus Storybook Bible : Over half million sold!

I just received news that the Jesus Storybook Bible has now sold over a half million copies & has been translated into 17 different languages!

I had the ultimate privilege of designing this book!

When my sunshine girl was merely 6 weeks old, I received a call from Zonderkidz asking if I would be the designer of the project & come to Michigan to brainstorm with the creative team & Sally Lloyd Jones herself! So, we took a little family trip to Michigan & I would nurse sunshine girl in between meetings. The creativity was flowing and it was my honor to work with an author so passionate about design & illustration, as well as an INCREDIBLE illustrator, Jago.

Reading through the manuscript raw, brainstorming the illustrations: the character's look & clothing, the details of the environment they were set in, the points of view, the emotions I wanted each and every piece to communicate, and story boarding each and every page was not only a labor of love, but it put in my artist's mind a rich image to recall as I now read through both that Bible to my children as well as my own Bible. I love how I will be sitting in a sermon at church & hear one of the stories & the image Jago, Sally, the Zonderkidz team & I created pops into my mind.

What a great book to teach your child (& yourself!) about God's deep, passionate, and endless love for them!

This post by Anne Voskamp concerning the Jesus Storybook Bible also brought tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart when I happened upon it a couple months ago. wow.

I highly recommend you all to get this Bible for your family, your church, heck.... anyone you know! Available here.

To learn more about my {other life} as a book designer, you can gladly read this post.

Grace & Peace,

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Julie said...

Julie, I did not know you had designed the Jesus Storybook Bible! (I won a beautiful print/verse for and friend and myself back in Sept., and we exchanged emails.) Our family loves this book, and we have given copies away. Thanks for your lovely design! (And I'm enjoying the Ps. 18:1 Lifeverse print!)