Thursday, January 12, 2012

Content in 2012

Be Content.
My words for 2012

Too bad God is STILL working on me with this one. I sit and think when did this restless heart begin? I can see a few prominent factors for sure that keep leading me to this place where I want to get out of & am just thankful today that the new year has started fresh, that His mercy never changes, that He is ever so patient with me & that His grace abounds.

How fun God is that my year would also start out with a new Bible study, based on the book of Philippians. You know, the book of JOY & giving THANKS in all circumstances?! Once again I see God's humor in my life and am so grateful to have a God who meets me where I am at.

Other goals/hopes/dreams I have for this year include:

1. I am keeping a Gratitude journal every day, inspired by Ann Voskamp's Holy Experience blog:
It has already been such a blessing to me, as I get the winter blues every year. This January, by doing the gratitude journal I am on the lookout specifically for what to give thanks for & take joy in & honestly I feel it has helped my heart.

2. I also want to workout at least 3 times a week. {I know, sad} But, hey you have to start somewhere & if my goal is too extreme I know I will just give up. Baby steps to feeling more healthy & energetic.

3. I want to separate work & family more. This has been my biggest struggle as a stay at home mommy who also works out of her house. I hope to have more defined hours & that my work is more hidden or seamless. And that when I am with the kids in the house, I am really truly present with them and not thinking about other things. {Which is partly why I like to take them out of the house: so that I am fully focused on them and having fun, but again... it is winter!}

4. I hope to do their AWANA with them & different devotions that meet their different needs. The days of reading kid's bible storybooks are over for my favorite little mister & he wants more meat. Though, honestly he does still fully engage in The Jesus Storybook Bible, but the other kid's bibles I use with them I notice him either checking out or reading his own bible. I am seeing more that my 3 kiddos are a different levels than ever before & I want to help meet their spiritual needs. This in a big way includes me doing their AWANA verses with them, and not just saying "go work on verses", but rather processing the meaning behind the Scripture. {Did you know I also worked at AWANA? My first job out of college with no design skills under my belt. Ha!}

5. I want to spend more time with real friends than internet friends. {sorry you all.} I see my need for real relationship & community are strong & I love my times with my girls.

6. I long to be content in where my business is PERIOD. Let me tell you, there is SO much more I want to do. Ideas, creativity, marketing, photography, licensing, etc... And I continually struggled with this in 2011 by both comparing myself to other artists as well as things in my own heart and ultimately lack of time. I am first and foremost a wife & mommy & my kids dearly need me. I want to be patient and content in the timing of things for my career. I long to trust God more and more with it, His will for Life Verse Design and that I can have confidence as I move forward I know it is His direction and blessing in my life. I of course do plan to grow my business this year and be wise with it; I just want my heart to be ok with where it is at and know I can do much more after pumpkin-poos begins full time schooling.

7. That said, another goal I have is to design a website of my own so Life Verse Design has its own home. {I can be sure that my friends who are going to help me are getting a chuckle out of this goal, as I have had sketches of my site since last February!} I keep designing new products and fun stuff rather than buckling down into the world of web design! I have so much to learn, and have loved ETSY but this past selling season, I saw many of ETSY's limitations.

8. My last goal includes being IN God's Word at least 5 x's a week. Again, I am thankful for my Bible study & the accountability it brings for me to keep this goal.

OK, that is it. Off to finish up a book I have been designing for Tyndale House Publishers. All you romantics out there may want to someday pick it up :)

OH, 2 more things... sorry so wordy today:

1. With it being day 12 of January, all I can say is the above goals are already hard to keep & old habits are hard to break, but God will give me direction.

2. Sunshine girl was looking at my art and said, "Mommy, you need more COLOR!" So, alas I have begun an entire new line which is in its baby stages. The "BE CONTENT" gives you a sneak peek. It has been tons of fun researching color palettes and ideas for new designs. And, it is all I can do to stop & really design a website. HA!

Grace and Peace,

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