Thursday, September 15, 2011

behind the scenes: Aunt Jean's Farm

This past July 2011, the kids and I went on a little "field trip" to Aunt Jean & Uncle Jack's in Wisconsin. They live on a farm, have 2 gorgeous dogs (keep reading), collect antique tractors, cars, and toys, and have lots of land in which we could run free.

While there, I was in photographer heaven. There were so many unique things around their property to shoot, and so I let the kids play with the dogs while I wandered.

Here is some of the resulting art from that day:

{art available here}

Let the good times roll! This art is inspired by our weekly Friday Night Car Show visits here in Downers Grove. My kids love to walk the loop. This is my aunt's car, which was a gift from my uncle. I think she said it was the first car style she ever owned. So sweet!

{art available here}

For months, I have wanted to add a Grandpa print to compliment my Grandma print, but could not think of just the right image (I did NOT want to use golf, baseball, fishing, or beer...), so as I was looking through my images, I thought this is perfect as all men love cars.

This is the "gas station" in which inside you will find a museum of old toys and goodies. It was like stepping back in time!

My favorite little mister LOVED the visit. From figuring out how some of the old gadgets worked, to petting dogs & sitting on tractors, what could be better?!

And, meet Cider. Aunt Jean's pride & joy. (well, one of them at least :)

{art available here}

The above art was the result of the doggie photoshoot. I wanted to give Aunt Jean something special as a thank you for letting us visit and run her dogs wild, and then I thought, heck, I should sell the art too! There are a LOT of dog lovers out there!

If you have a great photo of your own dog you would like me to create this art with, just contact me & I will help you out!

Here is sunshine girl with Nugget. I wanted to do more photos of him, but look at that tongue!!! This is after they played fetch for quite a while on a hot July day!

What could be better than sloppy doggy kisses?!

And, here is just a sampling of her marvelous gardens!

Grace & Peace,


Sweet Apron said...

Can I go live with your Aunt & Uncle? A vintage heaven, it seems...
Great pic of the middle sister!

Kelly said...

this is priceless...what a nice way to honor Aunt Jean and Uncle Jack...and of course Cider and Nugget...I loved it and will be sure to 'pay it forward'. :o)aunt kelly :o)