Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today my little pumpkin-poos turns FOUR! Isn't it great that she "posed" for this image (above) when she was just days old, planning for mommy's blogging days?!

Here she is at her one year birthday. Our tradition is to go to the Morton Arboretum, since that is where I was the day I went into labor with her... trying to walk her out :) It was the most beautiful fall day! I compared my giant baby belly to the 500 lb pumpkin they had on display that year, and thus the nickname "pumpkin-poos" or "my little pumpkin" began!

Here she is at age 2. Oh, that smile and those fly away piggy tails! I LOVE that dress and can still hear that little giggle.

Here she is at age 3, in the magic chair! That dress is my all time favorite and I actually put it in her keepsake bin. THOSE SHOES... ugh! Stupid plastic shoes I actually let a 3 & 5 year old talk me into! (They literally wore them once as they were so uncomfortable!)

And, here she is at almost 4. This is another Michigan photo from one of her favorite places in the whole wide world: THE BEACH!

Oh, pumpkin-poos...I love you SOOOO much. You are my little shadow, following me everywhere. I love your smile, your silliness, and your nurturing heart. I love watching you play baby dollies and puppies and how you care for them. I think someday you will make a great mommy! I love how this year you have grown so much in your speech development, so that I can now get to know your heart and your thoughts more and more, now that you are better able to communicate. You fascinate me every day with the things you come up with. Even this morning, how you were mad at me for buying the wrong colored balloons (i forgot to get ORANGE) ... but, that you could tell me that is an awesome thing!

Without you, I would have never even dreamed of Life Verse Design. This entire business started because of my pregnancy with you. I have immortalized your chubby baby feet in adorable and timeless artwork, and today once again, I praise God for your life, for all He has taught me through you, and just how He created you.

Grace & Peace,