Friday, September 16, 2011

blogworthy: Happy Hair

Last night was haircut night at the Chen's. In order to prepare for our family photo with the fabulous Kelly B. on Sunday, Daddy busted out the clippers and did the above artistry. My favorite little mister thought it was so funny, he asked to keep it.

So, this morning, off he went on a chilly morning with a HAPPY FACE buzzed into the side of his head. I warned him of the looks, the laughter and the comments & he still wanted to do it!

Here is the "normal" mohawk side. He started getting a mohawk when he was 4 years old and obsessed with the yellow Mustang cars we would see at the Friday Night Car Show. He asked for a "racing stripe" to go down the middle of his head.

I guess as parents we just think we (& he) should be able to have fun while they are kids. Though, yes, I will be making him cut it into a proper mohawk for our Sunday portraits.

I am amazed that my favorite little mister has enough confidence in who he is to "go against the flow" as the Christian lingo would say & go to school with this crazy hair. I hope this self assurance overflows into his strong faith in the future when he really WILL need to make hard choices to stand apart.

Grace & Peace,

p.s. I now am unfortunately committed to using proper grammar (in capitalization) in typing just in case my kids ever do read this blog!

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