Sunday, September 4, 2011

celebrate & mom {grandma} DO NOT LOOK!

2 weeks ago, my fabulous, hard-working, brilliant, cute, dedicated, awesome daddy-to-our-children & hubby graduated with his masters of nursing from Rush University of Chicago! he had taken a sabbatical from his teaching position to pursue his dream of clinically applying all of his anatomy & physiology knowledge.

it was a long, hard 21 months, but we made it! he was even nominated by his cohort to give the student speech at the ceremony & needless to say, it was up to sam fashion. :)

these images {taken at the warren dunes in michigan} basically sum up visually how we all feel inside now that he is done & i have my hubby back!



{o.k., grandma: this is where you should stop viewing the images}

today, sam went SKYDIVING with a good friend to both celebrate his masters as well as help a friend conquer a fear.

since i did not go {mind you, i DID want to go with the kids in case we had to quickly go to a hospital} since they left at 5 a.m., we do not have photos of him skydiving, but here are some of pumkin-poos doing her version of sky-diving / chinese acrobatics!

he has been doing this with them since they could hold their head up strong. they love it. i am {almost} used to it.

{art available here}

and, to all of you nurses out there: i have GREAT respect and admiration for you. YOU are truly making a difference in so many lives, both patients & families. thank you for you acts of service and dedication to your field & further pursuing great health care for all in the world.

grace & peace,

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Jane Hsu said...

So happy :))) congrats!!!!