Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Kids on the red couch {Downers Grove Photography}

Here are my kiddos on the red couch. They thought it was the funniest thing to load the couch into our Sienna. They asked if the van could be like that all the time. I took them on their "limo ride" around the parking lot & they were giddy.

For our photo session, I wanted to capture their personalities of course, as well as some of their favorite things they do on the red couch, which for my kids would be snuggle with their loved ones and read their favorite books!

Props are always fun to make a photo more unique and capture a memory you have of your children at that moment. Do not forget those things while you are taking photos: what is their favorite outfit? toy? book? hair style? jammies?

I still have openings for next week's red couch photo session! If you or a friend are looking for really unique photos, please contact me! {See details in the previous post}

Grace & Peace,

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Jenni C's said...

i just discovered your blog, lovely photo's..the joy of your children..shines through..