Thursday, October 20, 2011

Red Couch Shoot Take 1 {Downers Grove Photography}

Last Saturday amidst the bright sun and fierce wind {on & off}, I had the extreme pleasure of photographing 8 families on my red couch. The above image is literally one of the first clicks of their session and their immediate playfulness and excitement made for a very fun shoot.

This idea I stole from one of my college friends who is also a wonderful photographer!

I think their dad said this is the real them.

I had to get in the bare feet somehow.

This is some of my custom Life Verse Design artwork,
created just for the beautiful sisters.

Here is the front side of the 5x7 Christmas card I just "whipped up" for them.

And, here is the backside of the Christmas card. I wanted to showcase the sisters as well as make it so that people can display it year round in a 5x7 frame if they would like.

All of my Christmas card designs come double sided including envelopes and they are GORGEOUS. One of my customers from last year said she had never received so many compliments and actually had to order more to send out at the last minute because people were talking!

More Christmas card designs coming soon! Even if I have not photographed your family, you can send me your high res images for me to work with as long as you have photographer permission/release and I would love to create your unique cards.

More red couch final photos coming soon too for all of you other 7 families waiting to see yours.

ok, I am off to edit more....

Grace & Peace,

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